PDF to DWG Converter

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Allows you convert PDF to DWG. Support PDF line, rectangle, ellipse, round rectangle, line segments, bezier segments, image and text etc.

PDF to DWG Entities

  • Convert PDF file to native DWG file.
  • Import PDF file to AutoCAD directly.
  • High quality, easy to use.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Support bezier segments.
  • Support text font style.
  • Support images.
  • Generate DWG file quick and small.



Why some PDF files can just convert to images?

If some one use software convert DWG to PDF and the internal process is DWG to Image(JPG or GIF), then convert the Image to PDF. Then these PDF files can’t convert back to DWG beacause it’s raster image now. But if the DWG is converted direct to PDF and no Image as the intermediate result then these PDF can convert back to DWG.